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Our vision is to become the leading and preferred provider of clean cooking technologies and efficient kitchen appliances in Africa


CCL is dedicated to replace the use of environment polluting and unhealthy fuels such as fuel wood, charcoal and liquid kerosene with cleaner cooking technologies, as they are environmentally friendly, efficient, economical and healthier to cook with. We also aim to provide our customers with efficient appliances to prepare their meals so they have enjoyable cooking experiences every day.


Our customer base is mainly the low to mid income urban woman who cooks using a mix of firewood, charcoal and kerosene. Our customer’s pain is using dangerous, unhealthy, expensive and environmentally un-friendly cooking fuels and inefficient cook stoves. We believe and strive to provide cleaner, sustainable and environmentally friendly cooking fuels that can be bought in smaller affordable quantities and provide beautifully designed stoves that are, durable, portable and efficient.


To become a leading and preferred provider of clean cooking fuels and efficient cook stoves in Africa.


To replace unhealthy fuels with denatured ethanol cooking fuel, as it is environmentally friendly, more efficient, more economical and healthier to cook with.

Value Proposition

We strive to provide healthy, clean, affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly cooking fuels and efficient, durable cook stoves.

Consumers Choice Limited under the Renewable Energy Division is proud to introduce its new line of Products under the brand name Moto Safi with its slogan “Furahia Mapishi Kila Siku” or in English “Enjoy Cooking Experiences Every Day”. Moto Safi means “Clean Fire” in Kiswahili the local language of East Africa. Moto Safi strives to provide healthy, clean, affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly cooking fuels and efficient, durable cook stoves.

Consumers Choice Limited (CCL) was formed in 2001 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania as a transport and logistics company. Over the years the company has grown to form three divisions; namely Transport and Logistics Division, Renewable Energy Division and Hygiene and Cleaning Products Division. CCL has branches in Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda and have a working partnership in Kigali, Rwanda.

In 2010, the Renewable Energy Division was formed to promote the use of denatured ethanol as a clean cooking fuel in Nairobi, Kenya. The New division started distributing ethanol gel fuelled stoves and fuel imported from Arusha, Tanzania. In 2012, CCL introduced its own brand of ethanol gel fuelled stoves branded Motosafi which became the top selling ethanol get stove in Kenya having sold over 15,000 stoves and over 250,000 litres of ethanol gel fuel.

In 2018, the Renewable Energy Division expanded to Dar es Salaam to undertake the promotion of denatured ethanol stoves in Tanzania. In the same year, UNIDO in partnership with the Government of Tanzania advertised a tender to distribute 110,000 ethanol stoves in Dar es Salaam. CCL applied for the tender and were announced the winners in January 2019. Between February and October 2019, CCL embarked on putting up a 130,000 litre per month ethanol fuel bottling plant and ethanol stove assembly plant with a capacity to produce upto 3,000 stoves per month.

In November 9th 2019, CCL launched the 110,000 stove project in Dar es Salaam, and expected to sell these stoves over 30 months. On completion of selling these stove in the indicated time the demand for ethanol cooking fuel will have reached an  estimated 1.6 million litre per month or 20 million litres per year and displace over 86,000 tons of charcoal, create employment to hundreds of youth and greatly reducing household air pollution.

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