There are important partners and suppliers essential for CCL business to thrive. Among them are our banker, NBC Bank who have been very supportive in rolling out clean cook stoves and fuels. Other key partners is UNIDO, the Office of the Vice President, Department of Environment Tanzania, TIB Investment Bank and the Local Government in implementing the roll-out campaign.

Key suppliers have been the manufacturer of the stoves Cleancook Sweden AB, suppliers of the ethanol fuel (locally and soon internationally), suppliers of chemical, machinery etc.

Environment for Development (EfD) through University of Dar es Salaam, University of Colorado and National Institute of Health USA who will be conducting a 1,000 homestead before and after Household Air Pollution Research alongside our ethanol stove roll out campaign.

Market activation partners, wholesalers and retailers are also a very important part of our route to market process ensuring customers can experience and buy our products, and have enjoyable cooking experiences.