Government, WFP, UNCDF enable 80% of Tanzanians to use Clean Energy for Cooking

Government, WFP, UNCDF enable 80% of Tanzanians to use Clean Energy for Cooking

The Government of Tanzania in collaboration with the World Food Organization (WFP), the United Nations Development Fund (UNCDF) and other development stakeholders inside and outside the country are making various efforts to enable 80 percent of Tanzanians to use clean energy for cooking within a period of ten years from now.

This was stated by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Engineer Felchesmi Mramba when he opened the two-day Conference on Clean Energy for cooking organized by WFP and UNCDF which aims to bring together the Government, the Private Sector and development stakeholders so that together they can achieve the Government’s ambition of enabling Tanzanians to move from unclean cooking energy to using clean cooking energy.

Mramba has said that the action is the implementation of the instructions given by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan on November 1, 2022 during the opening of the Debate on clean energy for cooking, that 80% of Tanzanians should use clean energy for cooking within 10 years.

He added that the Hon. President also directed the establishment of a working group to manage clean cooking energy and develop a ten-year strategic plan with laws, procedures and regulations that will be used in clean cooking energy where the working group continues with the relevant work.

“In implementing and enabling Tanzanians to use clean cooking energy, the Government collaborates with various stakeholders such as the private sector, explorers and inventors, cooking energy stakeholders to ensure that all the plans set by the Government are successful, and now we are in the process of completing the strategic plan of ten years of looking at conflicting procedures and laws so that we all speak the same language.” said Mhandisi Mramba.

He added that, at present, there has been a great response from politicians as well as various leaders at the regional, district and village levels in encouraging the use of clean energy for cooking.

For his part, the Resident Director and Representative of the World Food Organization (WFP), Sarah Gibson, has said that the organization will cooperate with the Government of Tanzania to ensure that the plans set by Tanzanians to use clean cooking energy are successful.

And, the Manager at the United Nations Institution for Capital Development (UNCDF), Imanuel Muro has said that the institution provides capital to businessmen so that they can trade in clean cooking energy products by giving them the conditions to reduce the price of their products so that consumers can get them for easily and cheaply.

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