UNIDO and TIB are set to bolster Tanzania’s bioenergy sector with a grant of $899,000.

UNIDO and the Tanzania Development Bank (TIB) have announced a substantial grant of $899,000 to bolster entrepreneurial endeavors in the country’s bioenergy sector.

In a well-attended ceremony held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s business hub, a stakeholder capacity-building workshop titled ‘Bioenergy and Bioethanol’ was launched alongside the presentation of a symbolic cheque. The workshop drew approximately 70 participants, including government officials, leaders from the private sector, development partners, and potential beneficiaries.

This marks the initiation of a comprehensive program aimed at nurturing a sustainable bioenergy market in Tanzania.

A statement from UNIDO’s Representative office in Dar es Salaam, issued on Tuesday, emphasized the alignment of this initiative with the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) and its backing by a consortium of partners, including the Ministry of Energy, the Vice President’s Office-Division of Environment, the EU GEF UNCDF, among others.

The grant, according to UNIDO, will support the development of bioenergy projects, particularly those focusing on converting agro-waste to energy and promoting bioethanol as an alternative cooking fuel. TIB Development Bank, in collaboration with the Rural Energy Agency (REA) and UNIDO, has evaluated numerous applications for the Bioenergy Incentive Fund (BIF), selecting several enterprises for the grant.

Recipients such as Bagamoyo Sugar Limited Consumer’s Choice Limited, Multiplex System, TPC, Zanzibar Sugar Limited, Bagamoyo Sugar Limited, Manyara Sugar Limited, IV Biotech Limited, Sundy Merchants, Hanny G. Investment, will receive their awards through TIB Development Bank during the forthcoming workshop.

The event shed light on the opportunities provided by the BIF, detailing the deployment of bioethanol cookstoves and fuel as part of the project rollout. Discussions encompassed various aspects including the application process, eligibility criteria, and project evaluation.

This grant and workshop aim to empower Tanzanian entrepreneurs, raise awareness about the BIF, and strengthen the bioenergy industry, thereby ensuring a sustainable and economically beneficial energy future for the nation.

Speaking after presenting the symbolic cheque to the seven eligible local companies, Mr. Joseph Chilambo, TIB’s director of Planning and Development, emphasized the project’s aim to mitigate carbon emissions for environmental protection.

Similarly, UNIDO’s coordinator of clean energy and environment highlighted the collaboration between UN agency, TIB, the European Union, and the government through the Ministry of Energy, all geared towards supporting initiatives aimed at environmental conservation.